Laminate Flooring RIchmond, VA

Laminate floors is a synthetic type of floor made of multiple layers which are fused together through a lamination process. Laminate floors have continued to grow in popularity and are now a preferred choice of people searching for a cheap, easy to maintain floor. There are lots of options with laminate floor styles and laminate floors' ability to mimic almost any kind of material.

Cost Effective Option

Laminate can be installed over any type of existing floor. Besides being water resistant and waterproof, it is also quite hard to damage. The biggest asset of laminate floors is the ability to keep them looking brand new by just dusting and moping them, and with all cleaning products out there, this shouldn't be too hard.

Laminate Floors Looks Just As Good As Hardwood Flooring Too!

At Old Dominion Floors we have highly skilled installers and have extensive experience in handling and installing laminate flooring in Richmond, VA. Traditional hardwood and tile floors have several advantages but our experts will make your floor look as beautiful as the natural thing, and all that for less than half the cost. You'll be amazed at our extraordinary workmanship and professional manner.
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